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Maternity Breast Pads-100% Organic

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Mojopanda Maternity Breast Pads-Large (8 pcs in Bag) 6"

Fret not, our Maternity Breast Pads are created from organic Himalayan Sheep Wool Fiber and further blended with high quality silk to keep you dry and comfortable always. The breast pads are expertly designed in such a manner that it contours exactly to your breasts and fits discreetly in your bra in the most seamless manner. It is highly functional and in order to prevent nipple leakage, it applies light pressure which in turn press the nipples inwards, thus averting unwanted leakage and embarrassment. Once you wear them in your bra you will feel confident that not only will you be completely dry but there will be no untoward mishaps as well. The soft material used in the formulation of the pads means that your breasts will be comfortable and free from any rashes or itches of any sort. Weighing just 105 grams, the world's best maternity pads are quite light-weight and they measure 20 cms in length, 20 cms in breadth so that you get the feeling of freedom! In a packet there are 8 highly absorbing maternity breast pads in all, which will take care of all the unpleasant roadblocks in your lovely journey of motherhood and ensure that there is always a smile on your face! The finest care has been taken in crafting the most functional and finest maternity pads so that your motherhood experience is as pleasant and unblemished as ever. These pads are hypo-allergic and anti-bacterial. You can easily buy maternity pads online and use them in the comfort of your home as well. The presence of natural materials and the absence of chemical dyes guarantees a comfortable and exemplary experience. No more embarrassment, just wide smiles and supreme convenience!

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