To reduce the impact of COVID 19/Omnicron, Mojopanda follows strict guidelines to reduce the impact on business, workers, staff, and customers. 



  • All the members of the staff and workers adhere to the guidelines issued by WHO to prevent the spread of COVID 19/Omnicron. 


  • The office, manufacturing unit, packaging unit are regularly sanitised. 


  • Body temperature of everyone physically present in the office is recorded. 


  • Masks are worn by everyone at all times during the office and outside. 


  • Social distancing is maintained in the office and outside.


  • Physical barriers have been installed between staff working stations to maintain distancing. 


  • Toilet exhaust fans are on 24/7 to improve ventilation. 


  • All couriers received are sanitised before admitting into the premises. 


  • All products are sanitised before handing it to the courier service. 


  • No-touch deliveries are taken wherever possible. 


  • The office is sanitised in the morning before the office hours and after. 


  • In case of a reported COVID 19 case, all suggested measures are taken to ensure the safety of workers and customers. 


We are sincerely committed to reducing the impact of COVID 19 in and around us.