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Organic Wool Hand Knitting Yarn Bio Amble | GOTS Certified

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# BD472A Grenadier
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Hand Knitting Yarn | 100% Organic wool - Bio  Amble 
Perfect for year-round garments and home décor projects

  • Hand Knitting Yarn | 100% Organic wool - Bio  Amble 
  • Perfect for year-round garments and home décor projects
  • Dyed Merino Wool yarn  Rs. 248.00  per ball 50 gms / 1.75 oz
  • White undyed Wool yarn  Rs. 248.00   per ball  50 gms / 1.75 oz

4Ply  / 8 Count 

Micron: 17.5

In 50 Grams - 125 meters 



Wool is a natural fiber that is soft and warm, but it can be difficult to find the right yarn for your project. Most wool yarns are made from low-quality fibers or blended with synthetics. This makes them scratchy and hard to work with, which makes knitting frustrating for beginners. Synthetic blends are also harmful to the skin and health. 



Mojopanda Organic Yarn offers high-quality 100% virgin wool at an affordable price point. Our yarn has excellent drape and stitch definition, making it perfect for year-round garments and home décor projects like blankets, pillows & rugs! The merino sheep we source our wool from graze in open fields without any chemicals or pesticides sprayed on them. This means you have a safe way to get rid of your synthetic clothes while also supporting sustainable farming practices worldwide! Organic wool comes with many health benefits including anti-bacterial, anti-pollutant qualities, sweat-absorbent, and skin-friendly attributes.  



Use organic wool yarn for garments, home decor, toys, amigurumi, and many more. Suitable for both crocheting & knitting.



Our product is:

  • ALL NATURAL: Handmade from 100% Virgin Wool with no fillers.
  • ORGANIC: GOT certified organic wool is free from chemicals.
  • BACTERIA RESISTANT: Organic wool naturally resists the growth of bacteria and microbes on the surface. 
  • ANTI-ALLERGIC: Wool is skin-friendly and safe for children, babies, and families.
  • BIODEGRADABLE: Wool is a 100% biodegradable fibre and will decompose on disposal.
  • SWEAT-RESISTANT: Wool fibres help prevent the build-up of sweat and keep the skin soft and dry.



End of life + packaging: The wool yarn comes in a reusable cotton bag. This bag is Biodegradable after its useful life. It can be disposed of in soil and will act as a fertilizer. Buy green and support the Earth.



 Why choose us? 

We at Mojopanda believe in being socially responsible, environmentally aware, and creative in every product of our portfolio. We imbibe ethical practices to deliver assured quality and reliability in our range of organic and natural products. Our exquisite products are nationally and internationally certified and tested for quality at different levels to deliver the best to you. We aspire to build sustainable lifestyles to bring a balance between nature and society.

Rock Blue 644-C 4Ply  / 8 Count  17.5 50 125
Venus 7660C 4Ply  / 8 Count  17.5 50 125
Dark Salmon #E9967 -A 4Ply  / 8 Count  17.5 50 125
Dark Slate Gray #2F4F4F 4Ply  / 8 Count  17.5 50 125
Grenadier #BD472A 4Ply  / 8 Count  17.5 50 125


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