Frozen Feet

Frozen Feet

Come winters and on a chilly day or night our hands and feet turn ice cold. We rub, massage, don socks or mittens to rid ourselves the feeling of cold discomfort. Did you ever realise that this is our body’s defence mechanism in play. Realising the need to conserve body heat for the important organs the intelligent defence mechanism compresses flow of blood to the extremities – mainly hand and feet , thus conserving body heat. This is a natural happening and little cause of concern . The body will return to normal as it warms up again.


Stress could give you cold feet too. High stress, anxiety or nervousness pumps in excess adrenalin into the blood stream. Adrenalin causes blood vessels in the extremities to constrict  and decrease the flow of blood to the outermost areas . This response reserves energy and prepares for any bodily harm that may happen as a result of high stress situation.

Circulation is another reason. As we tend to get old the blood flow decreases to our hand and feet. Hence we see our older generation making efforts to keep their feet or hands well covered and frequently complain of cold hand and feet. High cholesterol also contributes to deposit of fat in blood vessels and reduces blood flow. Watch out as this may indicate heart problem risks requiring medical consultation. There could be plenty other reasons like anemia, elongated period of Diabetes, nerve disorders or hypothyroidism.

Cold hand and feet makes your heart work more than normal so take care of your feet and hands. Simple walking a few steps helps. Socks and slippers helps. Our Home Slippers made from pure organic Merino wool is soft and warm, ideal for keeping your feet warm in winters and cool and dry in summers. It conserves your body’s heat requirement and relieves stress. For the older generation it is an ideal companion and much easier to use than a hot water bottle or foot bath. So next time you are thinking of comfort for your parents or just yourself in office or home give your body that extra warmth and support. Also checkout our warm woollen hot water bottle sheath which is ideal for babies with soft skin as it provides even, non-scalding warmth for long hours or wool shoe liners or insoles – all meant to protect you form getting your feet freezing.